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Welcome to Into the ∆ther.

If you enjoy any of the shorts or fancy giving the world a piece of your mind, head over to the forums where you will be most welcome.

Enjoy the tales!


03/06/2007 - *New!* Into the ∆ther message boards

Voice your opinion on the Into the ∆ther message boards!

14/04/2007 - *Revision* The Cairn

Another day, another revision of The Cairn. The removal of much clutter seems to make for a far more readable story.

08/04/2007 - *New!* Black Monday

"You carry a relic of Black Monday and you do not even know it."

The second story for the competition, unfortunately too late for the next round. Nevermind, there is always next time!

21/03/2007 - *New!* The Call

"Strange reports, sir?"

This was written for a competition that is currently in-progress. I will post how I did when I find out. I love the concept of this story, and I am particularly proud of it. Enjoy!

The next story should be up within a week.

22/02/2007 - *New!* Mind over Matter

"I am surprised you did not merely turn the walls to dust.”

The next tale is up, I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

20/02/2007 - *Revision* The Cairn

This story has been subject to some excellent criticism courtesy of the good people at the Writers' Dock forums, and has thus been revised.

Please email me any feedback on the version, it should read much more cleanly than before.

Oh, and the next short will be about not what you do, but how good you look while you do it!


19/02/2007 - Visitors from...this planet!

So the site has been up four days and has already had 347 views. That isn't bad, in my opinion.

There is a new short coming this space!


15/02/2007 - *New!* The Halls of Madness and The Cairn.

"The wanderer runs."

The site is up, and The Halls of Madness is the first story, and The Cairn is second. Enjoy!


15/02/2007 - Site Creation

From nothing came tales.